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5 Things to Look for When Hiring an Insurance/Investment Advisor

Nowadays, aside from saving a bit of their paycheck each month, few people have a solid financial plan that aligns their expenses and helps them achieve their long term goals. However, it’s never too late to start, which is why DFSIN Toronto West offers comprehensive insurance and investment advisement solutions, in addition to the best critical illness insurance in Ontario.

Below, we’ve collected some more insight into the qualities that make up a great investment and insurance advisor, so let’s take a look!

1. Experience

One of the first things to look for when shopping for an insurance/investment advisor is experience. Those with a wide depth of expertise will be able to provide better advice and solutions to their clients, in addition to understanding the market and pros and cons of any important financial decisions.

2. Integrity

It’s important for you to determine whether a potential insurance company will have your best interests at heart. This is because sometimes, financial advisors will receive commissions from insurance agencies and banks for the clients they retain. So, an advisor needs to always explain each financial decision thoroughly to demonstrate their integrity.

3. Consistency

Being consistent is extremely important in the financial sector. Check up on your financial advisor’s past clients to make sure that he’s led them to success. Be sure to work with someone that boasts a wide range of knowledge rather than someone who’s made their clients millions off of a lucky draw.

4. A Proven Track Record

You can also ask for proof of the consistency of their services via financial charts and numeric results. Have them give you a detailed breakdown of their performance before they offer you advice.

5. Qualifications

Arguably one of the most important aspects of hiring a financial advisor, qualifications are the one way they can demonstrate without a shadow of a doubt that they’ve undergone the training necessary to advise you. A certified and qualified financial professional will have the education needed to provide invaluable advice on things like tax planning, risk management, and more based on your financial situation.

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