Health Insurance for Small Businesses in Ontario

Do you run a small or mid-sized business in Ontario? Ontario businesses continuously find themselves in a battle to attract and retain the best talent. Health insurance is a standard consideration all candidates have when evaluating a company to work for.

Aside from the benefit of assuring current and potential employees, owners small business health insurance helps protect the business and primarily the people you care for, such as:

  • Life and critical illness insurance for a key person to ensure business continuity
  • Protecting cash and investment assets from creditors
  • Investing with tax-efficient strategies unique to businesses
  • Buy/sell agreement in case a partner wishes to leave the business

Group benefits

  • Flexible small business health insurance plans are available for business owners, salaried employees without group benefit insurance or the self-employed.

Savings and investments

  • Guaranteed investment funds – also known as segregated funds– offering growth and potential creditor protection
  • Guaranteed investment certificates to place cash short-term

Mutual funds

Our partner, Desjardins Financial Security Investments Inc., which is a mutual fund dealer, gives our clients here in Ontario access to a wide variety of mutual funds from many of the top mutual fund management companies throughout Canada.


  • Mutual funds are professionally managed, so you do not have to be an expert
  • There are mutual funds available that range in risk and volatility from capital preservation to aggressive growth
  • Small initial investment of $500

If you would like to learn more about how mutual funds can play a beneficial role in your business, please speak with one of our mutual fund advisors, or visit our Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network national website

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