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Proving You Are Disabled

How to Prove You Are Disabled When Applying for Long Term Disability Benefits

When you buy disability insurance, you are getting a policy that protects you in the event you become disabled and unable to work for an extended amount of time.  Disability insurance acts as an income replacement, generally providing between 65%-85% of your previous monthly income, to help you remain financially stable during a very difficult time.

Due to the high value of this insurance payout, the insurer is naturally going to want to see evidence that a person is disabled, before beginning payouts.  In addition, there will most likely be ongoing tests over the years to see if the person continues to require disability benefits.

For the best chances of seeing your disability claim approved, here are a few things you should know.

Four Factors Influencing Whether Your Disability Insurance Will Pay Out

  1. Strong medical evidence from accredited doctors

When it comes to disability claims, doctors are considered one of the highest sources.  You will undoubtedly be asked to provide specific evidence from your doctor that you are unable to work, and the stronger the case your doctor makes, the more likely your insurance claim will be approved.

  1. You continue to follow your doctors’ recommended treatment plan

Because disability is an ongoing condition, you will be expected to take reasonable steps to improve that condition over time – as recommended by your doctor.  If the insurance company discovers you have not been following the treatment plan, your benefits could be denied or revoked.

The goal should be seen as getting back on your feet and able to work again, eventually.

  1. Your online history supports your claim

Insurance companies are empowered to keep an eye on the social media feeds of their insured, and they catch a lot of insurance fraud that way.  A lot of people have seen their disability payments revoked after posts on social media revealed that they had been faking it!  So, your online profile needs to match your stated condition.

  1. Your specific policy

As with all insurance products, policies will vary from person to person, including what constitutes a disability.  The wording of your policy will be one of the key factors determining whether you qualify for benefits.

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