Yesterday, our very own Luisa Hrysio, delivered an exciting new workshop. At our first-ever retirement workshop, audience members learned about the various components of retirement planning. We also discussed the importance of working with a financial advisor.

In our workshop, attendees learned the various components of a retirement portfolio, such as the Canadian Pension Plan, Old Age Security, Registered Savings Plans (RSP), Tax Free Saving (TFSA) and employer/registered pension plans. We learned the benefits and considerations for each, and how each work together to provide a balanced portfolio.

“The most important thing we learned is that retirement takes proper planning”

The most important thing we learned is that retirement takes proper planning. The earlier you start, the better you chance of meeting your retirement goals. It is never too early to begin planning.

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Thank you, to all those who attended. Thank you, to Luisa for the great workshop.

Also, thank you, to our venue, and the staff, at the Toronto Public Library (@torontolibrary). The Richview Location was a fantastic spot for our event, and we are grateful for the professional atmosphere we were provided. We will continue to visit for future events!