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What Does a Financial Advisor Do?

When people hear the term “financial advisor” the first thing that comes to mind is someone trained to offer financial tips and advice, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the services they offer. Financial advisors can provide a host of benefits, which is why the team from Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network (DFSIN) Toronto West is proud to provide a range of financial services to our clients.

Here is some more information about what a financial advisor does and how they can help you become financially empowered!

Not All Financial Advisors Are the Same

The first thing to know about financial advisors is that they are not all the same!  Like in every professional field, there are a wide variety of specialists in different areas.  Depending on your needs, you might want to seek out a personal financial advisor who specializes in one particular area, such as estate planning, or tax planning.

Or, you might want to look for a more generalist advisor, if you need more broad assistance with multiple aspects of your financial life.  It’s like going to the doctor: sometimes you need a specialist, and sometimes you need a General Practitioner.

Developing a Game Plan

A financial advisor is there to help you analyze all of your assets and minimize your financial risk, helping you develop a clear game plan for success. They do so by taking all of your financial goals and obligations into consideration, then outlining a clear action plan for you to follow.

Debt Management

The longer you’re in debt, the more money you’re losing.  Compound interest and other fees mean that being in debt is expensive.  The faster you can take control of your debt and find a way to get out of the red, the faster you can start truly saving money and purchasing assets that no one could take away from you.

The right financial team can help make it easier for you to get out of debt by managing your savings and investments. Firstly, they’ll be able to highlight the benefits to you of being debt-free for a bit of inspiration. Then, they can develop a personal plan to help you get out of debt ASAP!

Retirement Planning

What do you see yourself doing in your retirement years?  Do you want to explore the world, or move out to the country, or maybe purchase a little shop to give yourself something to do?  Everyone has their own dreams for retirement – but they require financial planning to accomplish!

A financial advisor is the perfect person to help you achieve those dreams.  They’ll put together reasonable estimates of what your retirement might cost and talk you through your options for saving up during your productive years.  That way, when you’re ready to retire, your retirement will be ready for you!

Estate Planning

No one enjoys contemplating the end of their own life, but it’s a necessity if you want to be financially responsible.  Leaving this world without proper preparation will leave your survivors in a bad situation.  Plus, don’t you want to have some say over what happens to your money and assets when you’re gone?  This is your last chance – truly – to make your stamp on the world.

Working with a financial advisor will help you ensure that all of those assets for which you’ve worked so hard go to the right place down the road. This is especially important for business owners or those with a wide range of assets.


If you want to ensure your assets grow over time, having some financial advice is a great way to make certain this happens. A financial advisor can help identify sound investments for you to take advantage of, as well as help you understand the risks of particular investments. They’re beneficial because they can offer a neutral, outsider’s perspective before you make any serious investments or purchases that might affect you financially in the long term.

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