Are you nearing retirement age and want to protect your assets? Perhaps you’re just starting a family and want to put some money aside to make sure they’re protected down the road from financial burdens. Either way, financial advice can help make sure all of your future needs are met. But what exactly is financial advice and how can it help you?

As one of today’s leading insurance providers and financial management advisors, the team from Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network has helped many clients protect their assets. Here’s what you need to know about financial planning & management.

What is Financial Advice?

In the simplest of terms, financial advice refer to the management of all a person’s wealth and assets through wise financial planning and investment solutions. The goal of a financial advisor is to not only protect their client’s assets but also help them grow. It’s their duty to always act in the financial best interests of their client no matter what.

The way financial advisors accomplish their clients’ goals is by developing sound long-term investment strategies guaranteed to get results.

Why is Professional Financial Advice  Important?

Professional Financial Advice is important because it provides added oversight to financial investments. We’ve all heard the term “buyer’s remorse”. Well, working with a professional financial advisor is one of the ways you can avoid that feeling. When it comes to making financial decisions that can likely impact the rest of your life, like purchasing a home or starting a business, having an experienced expert to help you analyze the situation is a must.

These professionals can help ensure you make wise decisions because unwise decisions could lead to you losing money potentially affecting your financial situation for years, if not decades to come. It’s your financial advisor’s full-time job to help you make sound investments.

Financial Advice vs. Asset Management

Before we go, it’s important to underline that although the two terms might seem similar, there’s a clear difference between financial advice and asset management. The former is based upon a fiduciary duty to do what’s best for a client under any circumstance; the latter is primarily concerned with maximizing the value of the assets under their management without necessarily taking into account the fees and charges associated with the investments they recommend.

With a licensed advisor from DFSIN, it is our fiduciary duty to do what’s best for our clients under any circumstances.

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