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Why Every Business Needs Critical Illness Protection!

Unfortunately, you don’t always get to choose when you have a health emergency and sometimes, critical illnesses can arise at the drop of a hat. Without much time for planning, such an illness can seriously affect your business if you haven’t taken the proper steps to safeguard your company.

That’s why many businesses choose to invest in critical illness insurance, like the solutions available from Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network. Here are some of the biggest benefits of doing so:

Limit Financial Losses:

If you want your business to continue being successful, investing in critical illness insurance can help you limit any financial losses you might experience. It does so by ensuring that your company is prepared for the future and hiring key personnel to make for a much easier transition.

Tax-Free, Lump-Sum Benefit

Another advantage of investing in critical illness insurance for your business is that if you are diagnosed with a critical illness, your company will receive a one-time-only, tax-free benefit. However, if you remain healthy, you could potentially take advantage of tax benefits and regain all disbursements by you and your firm.

Benefits for Co-Owners

In the case that a partner in your firm is diagnosed with a critical illness, critical illness insurance can enable partners to buy those shares held by the sick person directly, rather than having to go through a third party or wait a significant amount of time. If a person wants to exit due to illness, the process is made much easier with critical illness insurance.

Some other key advantages of critical illness insurance include:

  • Return of premium options in the event of premature death: your beneficiary could receive nearly all the premiums you’ve paid.
  • Provides solutions to reassure creditors, partners, suppliers, and clients.
  • Maintain employee productivity and business profitability.

Some of the Common Covered Illnesses

Under critical illness insurance, some of the most commonly covered illnesses include life-threatening cancers and tumors, cardiovascular illnesses such as heart attacks and strokes, neurological ailments such as multiple sclerosis, major accidents that result in brain injury, blindness and the like, as well as vital organ failures.

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If you want to make certain that your company will remain successful for the years ahead, investing in critical illness insurance is essential. To learn more about the process and the benefits, contact Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network today online or call (416) 695-1433.