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5 Reasons to Offer Health Insurance if You’re a Small Business

Running a small business can certainly be a big task: there’s payroll to keep in mind, managing your employees, hiring the necessary staff, and keeping your customers happy. It’s no wonder that rather than also worry about the health of their employees, many small business owners choose to invest in small business health insurance.

If you’re new to the business sector or just want to learn more about this type of insurance, the team from Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network has collected five reasons below to consider it!

  1. Lower Premiums

Often, group plans like small business health insurance will offer lower premiums per person. This is because employers often share premium costs with their employees, making it much more affordable for your staff to be covered under a small business insurance plan rather than having to purchase their own private insurance.

  1. Employee Retention

Another great benefit of offering comprehensive small business health insurance to your employees is that it will drastically increase employee retention. This is because staff members will be delighted to work for a business that can provide them with a competitive benefits package offering quality health insurance for them and their families.

  1. Healthier Employees

Having an employee out sick can easily throw a wrench in the daily activities of a small business. As a small business, you rely on each and every staff member you have to help it run smoothly. Well, with quality health insurance, you’ll also have fewer sick employees because they’ll have access to the healthcare and assistance they need to pay for co-pays and discounted medication.

  1. Your Family can Receive Coverage

If you have a family, they’ll be able to receive coverage as well under a small business health insurance plan. If you’re the business owner, you can often claim family members as dependents or employees, giving them the very same quality benefits all of your staff members receive.

  1. You Can Receive Tax Incentives

For many small business owners, taxes can certainly be a burden, especially for a growing company. However, there are many tax incentives offered by the government that qualified small businesses offering healthcare insurance can apply for, helping you save money while at the same time, ensuring all of your employees stay healthy and covered in case of illness.

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